Leading CAD software for airside designing and planning. AeroTURN is the premier software for carrying out aircraft turn simulations and swept path analysis to evaluate spatial requirements at stands, aprons, taxiways, runways, and other airport facilities.

Advanced Aircraft Swept Path Analysis

  • NEW – Engage or disengage steerable main gear (on supported aircraft) during forward maneuvers
  • NEW – Generate maximum effort aircraft turning simulations for airfield design checks to accommodate high angle turning or large aircraft access
  • NEW – Copy an existing simulation and continue driving the path from the last placed section
  • NEW – Continue a new simulation starting from the last placed section of a selected simulation
  • NEW – View dynamically changing radius of an aircraft making a turning maneuver
  • NEW – Ability to force a straight line simulation along an arc path
  • SmartPath tools with 3 interactive drive modes
  • Perform aircraft simulations using maximum nosewheel or effective steering angle
  • Evaluate aircraft apron, taxiway, and runway clearances
  • Create aircraft simulations with a minimum clearance from an apron element (i.e. enter ICAO guidelines for minimum wheel clearance from taxiway curves)
  • Oversteer option gives realistic representation of how an aircraft negotiates oversteered conditions such as when parking an aircraft along lead-in lines or defining space requirements at runway-to-taxiway intersections
  • Place aircraft and ground support vehicle simulations on arcs, polylines, complex chains, or splines
  • Track landing gear and wing tip paths with user defined clearances
  • Create pilot conical lines of sight to evaluate mirror views, blind spots or headlight paths
  • Simulate cockpit (pilot's eye) or nosewheel tire paths
  • Generate static turning templates for any standard or custom aircraft for any sweep turn angle (0 - 180 deg)

Aircraft Pushback

  • Aircraft pushback and towing operations with tractor and towbar configuration
  • Mark the tractor centerline path for towing and the aircraft main gear centerline path for pushback operations
  • Select from a filtered list of appropriate aircraft and tractor combinations

Airside Operations and Safety Features

  • Display aircraft fueling and service points with operational radii
  • Display aircraft jet blast envelopes at idle, breakaway, and takeoff speeds to ensure safe ground operations
  • Show standard ground servicing arrangements around a stationary aircraft
  • Set tracking points on or off the aircraft for envelope creation during a turning simulation
  • Generate apron safety clearance lines that account for all aircraft assigned to a specific stand
  • View ground service point locations for electrical, waste disposal, fuel, oxygen, air and hydraulics

Extended Aircraft Library and Options

  • NEW – Addition of 145 new aircraft and the ability to install expanded aircraft libraries
  • NEW – Addition of 40 new helicopters to the aircraft library from manufacturers including: Bell, Boeing, AgustaWestland, MD Helicopters, Eurocopter Group
  • Comprehensive aircraft specifications library from numerous manufacturers including: Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Lockheed Martin , Learjet, Gulfstream, Northrop Grumman, BAE, Learjet, Dassualt, Antonov, McDonnell Douglas and more
  • Ability to create aircraft with user-defined specifications

User-friendly Functionality

  • ‘Heads Up’ Designing – Full graphical display of simulations including real-time information
  • Work proactively onscreen and not lost in dialog settings / controls.
  • Customize database view of aircraft specifications
  • Simple and fast point-and-click commands
  • Comprehensive on-screen help manuals
  • Improved layer management with options to place simulations on a current, specific, or new layer
  • Filterable list of suitable aircraft, boarding bridges, or tugs for specific airside requirements

Dynamic Output Capabilities

  • Dynamic display of nosewheel steering angle and vehicle turn radius for instant read-outs
  • Animation options include full-motion and frame-by-frame
  • Save simulations in the drawing or output folder
  • Automatically save a new layer of the simulation within the CAD environment

Advanced Reporting

  • Generate aircraft turn simulation reports showing aircraft speed, path lengths, and start conditions at each section of the simulation.

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